Fat Makeup

It is critical for everyone to look beautiful. Normally women wear makeup to look smoother, livelier, and more energetic. Makeup, skin care and many other similar methods can only delay aging but over time we need to regenerate the soft tissue loss. Sagging cheeks, under eye hollows, sunken areas or hollows in the legs, buttocks, chest, and décolletage or even in the hands can easily be revitalized by fat transfer.
In this case, fat micro-injection techniques offer the best way to fill the hollows, revitalize and add volume to the face and body. We gave the name of inner makeup to that vitality and volume so that the beauty of the face can show itself without makeup. The hollows are filled and the skin becomes brighter.
Individual planning is required when performing this procedure. It is applied to everyone in different way because the area and amount of fat requirement vary among individuals. For example, the forehead region in some cases, cheekbones in some, and the chin area in other cases need to be regenerated.
The excess fat in any part of the body is taken out without a trace and injected under the hollow region with the help of Avsar tapering cannulas.

Avsar Tapering Cannula
Fat Makeup is carried out with patented Avsar tapering cannula developed by Yakup Avşar. This cannulas is tapered to the tip and the hole in the tip is so small that make it a micro-cannula. The fatty tissue is tapered when advancing in the cannula and is gently injected from the tip of the cannula. The injection pattern is so smooth with this cannula and undesirable protrusions do not form in the area where the fat is given. The fat tissue can easily be dispersed in the layers of the recipient area, so the engagement and supply of the injected fat tissue is excellent. Multiple surgery sessions can be reduced by this cannula.

Easy Fat Transfer
Fat makeup can be applied to every region of the body including face, neck, breast, buttocks, hips, legs, knees, hands and décolletage.
The fat can be taken out from any excess fat area in the body like belly, belt, legs and knees using fine cannulas without any scar.
Derived fat tissue is then processed to the stem-cell-enriched injectable fat tissue and it is now ready to be injected to the recipient area with Avsar tapering cannula.
The procedure takes about 30 minutes on average and can be performed under local or general anesthesia.




Avsar Mask with 3D Print Technology
While the person who wants to have this operation describes the appearance he/she wants before the operation, Yakup Avsar and Dilek Avsar envisage which hollows are suitable for filling for that person. Previewing the facial and body features to be formed after surgery with a 3D mask, namely 3D Avsar Mask, is important both for Avsars’ preparation for the operation and for facilitating the patient's prediction of the new make-up. This is called pre-post-simulation in medicine, and Yakup Avsar was the first to use 3D printing technology in this field in the world. Now, this technique continues to be used as Avsar Mask all over the world. In this technique, first, the area where the patient will have the micro-fat injection is scanned, and then a 3D shape is created. The resulting data is shaped like a sculpture in the computer environment, and the most appropriate form for the patient's face or body is revealed. Having listened to their patient's expectations in this process, Yakup Avsar and Dilek Avsar take a 3D mask printout and give it to the patient for his/her examination. The most important feature that distinguishes this technique from others is that it allows the patient to experience a close examination and touching of the new form before the operation. The patient is thus much more comfortable to decide on the operation, and no undesirable situations are encountered later in the process.