Tattoo Removal

Although a tattoo might be very meaningful at the moment it is done, it may disturb the person right after the procedure or as time passes by and the person may want to remove it. A tattoo may conventionally be removed by means of surgical intervention or using a specific laser system without leaving any scar. During a tattoo removal surgery, depending on the extension of the tattoo there can be one or several sessions to remove the tattoo and the wound is closed with stitches which allows scarring. With the dermabrasion technique the upper layer over the tattoo is peeled however this technique can lead to a bad scar and what is worse the tattoo may not be removed.
Our recommendation is to use MedLite C6 laser system for suitable patients and for patients who are not suitable for this technique, surgical procedures can be preferred. MedLite C6 laser system used for tattoo removal is a product from the fast and reliable Q-switched Nd-Yag laser device range known for their high success rate in dermatologic procedures. With MedLite C6 laser system, your tattoo can be removed regardless of the colour of your tattoo and without feeling pain, in one or several sessions lasting for 1-2 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the depth of your tattoo.
MedLite C6 laser system removes not only black tattoos but also tattoos in other colours such as yellow, green, blue, red using 4 different laser wavelengths. Permanent makeup which is commonly used today can cause traumatic results when it is not applied correctly. MedLite C6 can remove permanent makeup from eyebrows without causing any damage to your original eyebrows.