Laser Hair Removal

Special laser systems with proven safety are used to give a smooth and unblemished skin.
Combined laser hair removal devices achieve much better results than the conventional laser hair removal methods. Devices are selected based on the area, hair colour, skin type and season.

Lazer Epilasyon

Q-Switched (Revlite) Laser: Provides a comfortable hair removal option for even fine hair and all skin types (including dark skin) without causing any side effects. Laser treatments with certain intervals will give the skin a livelier and more youthful look.

Nd-Yag Laser: ND-Yag laser is especially recommended for persistent thicker hair. When combined with other hair removal devices, this is especially effective on dark hair on the face, and on dark hair on the back, arms and legs of men. 6-8 sessions are performed.

Alexandrite (Cynosure) Laser: This device can be used for all body hair especially for hair on legs, genital area, armpits for both men and women for fast and effective results and resolves ingrown hair problem. An average of 6-8 sessions will give an effective result.