Prominent Ear Aesthetics

One of the most common auricular problems is the prominent ear problem. This is a problem where the auricle forms a forward buckling from the normal anatomic position of the ears. The best time to correct the prominent ear deformity with surgery (otoplasty) is the preschool childhood period. However, this operation can be performed at any age.

How is surgery performed?
The operation is carried out under either local or general anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours depending on the severity of the deformity. The operation is performed from the back of the auricle, ear cartilages are shaped by micro-scoring technique in the necessary folds. There is no stitch mark that occurs on the visible surfaces of the ear.

When is it possible to return to social life?
You can return your home on the day you are operated. A bandage is applied to the ear for 3 days. After the surgery, a swelling and bruising may occur in the ear, but this usually returns to normal within 1-2 weeks. Three days after the operation, the patient may return to work or take an airplane trip. Since the ear operation is performed with general or local anesthesia, the healing process is also rapid. You can get detailed information from our clinic about other deformities and anomalies encountered with the ear.